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Mille Miglia's Chassis - The Ultimate Opus 

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Mille Miglia's Chassis - The Ultimate Opus
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MILLE MIGLIA’S CHASSIS is a journey through the cars that took part to one of the most famous races of motorsport’s golden era. In collaboration with Museo Mille Miglia it is an ambitious project and the first of its kind: its aim is to document all the cars which participated at every edition of the original race between 1927 and 1957. MILLE MIGLIA’S CHASSIS will be developed in a series of 10 volumes: each car featured that took part to the Mille Miglia from 1927 to 1957 is presented with two lists: one about all the Mille Miglia speed races in which it took part, a second one of following events under the Mille Miglia name. To conclude, a third separate list comprehends the categories of the car, the stone from which spring the pages of the book and includes all the races and events in which the car took part all over the world in the years. Moreover, the cars that participated from 1958 to the events in the name of the Mille Miglia appear in another section of the book. 
Written for the motoring enthusiasts all over the World, MILLE MIGLIA’S CHASSIS is the definitive opus giving its readers a full perspective of the diversity and ingenuity of the machinery running the most beautiful race the world has ever seen. 
In the first volume of the series there will be 49 cars featured which took part in the original editions of the race, plus another 42 of those participating in events under the Mille Miglia name from 1958 to today. To increase the reading experience in the book, each car featured will have its own QR code, enabling a never-seen-before digital access to more historical details. MILLE MIGLIA’S CHASSIS will mark the beginning of a true collector’s item, a “must have” for the petrol-head who wants to have all the cars which took part in the Mille Miglia in his/her bookshelf!
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Sandro Binelli
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325 x 250
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183 photos N&B

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