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Admission 7’6 – E.v. Starr Snaps The 60s Speed Merchants

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Limited to maximum of 400 copies

Go back to the 1960s, where there were far fewer professional photographer opportunities available to record motorsport meetings. Teams back then were far less PR savvy, security at race meetings was more relaxed, and a nod and a wink of politeness often went a long way, which meant that enthusiastic amateurs could occasionally take opportunities and sometimes gain access to areas most people today can only dream of.

So it was of Mr E.V. Starr, who took some great photos on slide film for his own pleasure, not knowingly having gained any form of press pass or accreditation to get them. Recording images of Brabham, Hill, Clark, Surtees and more, not in posed positions, but going through their routines in the pitlane and out on the track. And he kept them all to himself, for decades afterwards.

After his death, a box of these slides went up for auction in Sherborne where the book’s author bought them, identified the rarity of the subject matter, and realised that these should be brought to the public’s attention.

That is the ambition of this book, looking back to a classic decade of Formula One and more, and includes reflective lookbacks with Christianne Ireland (daughter of Innes Ireland), John Surtees, Jack Lewis, Geoff Brabham, Damon Hill and Jackie Oliver, adding perspective and colour to the images.

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