Cars - Dream the Dream, Feel the Speed (SCRIB214)
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Cars – Dream the Dream, Feel the Speed (SCRIB214)

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ISBN : 9781848177208

Exemplaire d'occasion très bon état Dream cars - the ones that make heads turn. The classic, elegant cars with beautifully designed and finished bodies and details. Fast cars - the ones that overtake every other car on the road. The sleek, aerodynamically designed cars, streamlined, low-slung, powerful and throaty. This book portrays the best of the most special cars ever made, with comprehensive information, as well as over 350 superb photographs of the interiors, the exteriors and the detial. From the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione to the Volkswagen Phaeton W12 4 Motion, the AC Cobra 427 to the TVR Griffith - the most desirable cars ever produced are waiting to be discovered.

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